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About Us

At Liv Active Therapy Center, we hire occupational and physical therapists that have been exclusively selected not only because of their experience, knowledge and skills, but for their dedication, compassion and motivation to ensure optimal patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Each therapist is trained in accordance with Liv Active Therapy Center’s philosophy of improving optimal function, mobility, strength, and stability in a systematic approach using specific treatment techniques and intervention strategies.

Upon completion of the initial evaluation, the functional deficits are documented along with the patient’s goals to create an individualized intervention plan. Intervention plans will consist of patient education, therapeutic activities and exercises, manual therapy, stretching and modalities as needed.

Patients are guided through different series of exercises and stretches as it relates to their injury. Each activity the patient performs is monitored by the therapist to ensure proper form and prevent injuries. Exercises are prescribed to improve mobility, strength, and stability as well as to increase balance and proprioception. Exercise programs are created to start gradually and progressed throughout the treatment as symptoms diminish.

During therapy sessions, patients are constantly being evaluated to assess possible injury risk factors or deficits which may possibly lead to an injury. Treatment programs are focused on rehabilitating the current condition, as well as preventing future re-injuries from occurring.

Our patients finish their therapy programs with the skills, knowledge, and education to continue safe exercise and self-maintenance sessions, allowing them to become independent and injury free. Liv Active Therapy Center also offers patients the opportunity to join wellness programs once they have completed their therapy sessions. Wellness programs are available to patients once they have been discharged from therapy and would like to continue to maintain and re-gain optimal levels of function. Wellness programs are supervised and created by our personal training staff and therapy staff to ensure that patients are addressing their individual needs and to ensure patient safety and prevent injuries.

All modalities of treatment have been scientifically tested and researched to improve patient outcomes.
During every appointment, the physical therapist uses several modalities to facilitate healing by increasing circulation, oxygenation, and decreasing swelling. Our therapists determination of individualized treatments are rooted in current research and clinical case studies.