Sport and Training Technique Enhancement

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Sport and Training Technique Enhancement

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the Sport and Training Enhancement services at Liv Active Therapy! Any individual starting a new sport, fitness program, or even a seasoned athlete can benefit from our enhancement programs to help you perform at an optimal level.
We offer individualized assessments, evaluating your strengths and limitations to determine what you need to optimize your sports performance. Together, we create a treatment plan focusing on your specific goals.

Sport and Training Technique Enhancement


Improve technique, mobility, power, and posture to get you through those tough workouts pain free.


Strengthen your core muscles, rotational flexibility, power and swing speed in order to drive the ball farther, with more accuracy and without pain.


Jump higher, improve agility and speed, improve lateral stability for defense, and reduce risk of ACL or Achilles tendon injury.


Build strength, power and explosiveness. Improve balance, accuracy and speed to be a next level offensive or defensive player.


Strengthen the rotator cuff, improve flexibility and range of motion of the throwing arm, and strengthening core and hip rotation to get that ball out of the park.


Improve muscle endurance, cardiovascular endurance, lung capacity, reduce injury, and improve speed and form.